Mom gives birth on Upper East Side sidewalk

Lauren Glassberg reports from the Upper East Side.
February 26, 2014 3:13:22 PM PST
A healthy baby girl was born on Manhattan's Upper East Side, but this girl was delivered on the sidewalk.

The parents are still looking for the Good Samaritan who helped out.

"Doing great, thanks," said Cian McCourt, new dad again.

They are doing great and coming home, exactly where the McCourt's wants to be with their new baby Ila.

Polly McCourt delivered this baby girl on Monday afternoon, just steps from her Upper East Side apartment, right on the corner of 68th and 3rd.

"I didn't notice that there was anybody around, I just knew that Ila needed to go on my chest and stay near me," said Polly McCourt, new mom again.

One of the folks who helped was her doorman, Anton Rudovic.

"He held me up, he was amazing," Polly McCourt said.

"It was quick, fast, and beautiful," Rudovic said.

But it wasn't just the doorman who helped, lots of New Yorkers raced to her side. The McCourt's are thankful for all of that assistance, but they want to thank one New Yorker in particular.

A woman named Isabelle gave up her coat to help Polly cover up.

"We look forward to meeting her," Cian McCourt said.

"Yes, we will be meeting her; we just haven't had the chance yet. She was freezing. It was like this weather and she had a short sleeve white t-shirt on and that was the one thing I can remember," Polly McCourt said.

And she'll always remember Isabelle, because it's now Ila's middle name, a tribute to the Good Samaritan.

And little Ila Isabelle McCourt will have one amazing story to tell about where she was born and how her mom kept her cool.

"She was the calmest person there," Cian McCourt said.

"He said, 'Never, ever do that to me again,'" Polly McCourt said.

"Three kids is enough," Cian McCourt said.