Bus driver loses home in fire, community rallies

Joe Torres reports from Wilton.
March 3, 2014 3:10:43 PM PST
A devastating fire destroyed a Connecticut school bus driver's home and everything he owns.

Now as he tries to get back on his feet, the community is coming to his rescue.

Donations are pouring in to help him rebuild his life.

It's hard for school bus driver Hubenson "Ubie" Anicette to adequately describe how the people of Wilton have come to his aid in a time of need.

"I was emotional that, to see people around in Wilton, they embrace me as part of, one of the family," Ubie Anicette, a bus driver.

You see, two weeks ago, the 37-year-old single father lost everything in a fire at his Bridgeport home.

So the students in Wilton, who he ferries to and from school every day, told their parents and soon there were donations, a place to stay, help finding a new apartment, and a website.

They have raised a bunch of money to help get Ubie back on his feet.

"They gave me clothes already. Some others they gave me blankets," Anicette said.

"We all bonded together and gave him a gift card. So each of the families that he drives for, we put $20 together. So if we all bond together and do a little bit, it really helps," said Janel Cassara, a parent.

Ubie's co-workers also pitched in. They set up a donation box at the bus company offices.

Eyewitness News told the company owner made a personal and substantial contribution.

"He was just in awe. He could not believe the outpouring. Plus some people have given him items too," said Debbie Abbott, a dispatcher.

Ubie lives his life and does his job by placing the needs of others ahead of his own, a fine example for a community that responds the very same way.