New crackdown on double parking in city

Jim Dolan reports from Bensonhurst.
March 5, 2014 8:26:26 PM PST
There's a major crackdown in New York City on double parkers called "Operation Move Along".

Police in Bensonhurst were handing out flyers, not for a missing person or to announce a reward.

They were warning folks that they will be cracking down on double parking soon, and that the ticket would result in a $115 fine.

"I actually think that's not even fair, it's just a few minutes, it won't even take that long," a driver said.

That is the problem, right. If you double park, you don't mean to block traffic or block other drivers' sight lines.

"(Does it clog up traffic?) Of course, especially in Downtown Brooklyn," another driver said.

"We don't double park on 86th Street," said Jimmy Ruan, a restaurant owner.

Jimmy Ruan owns a restaurant on 86th Street that relies on delivery, and his drivers do end up double parking all the time.

"Where are you going to find a spot and park the car and go up the building and come down. That's the problem. That's why we have a sign on top of the car," Ruan said.

Some drivers say of the crackdown, it's about time, even some who double parked themselves.

"I think it's good because people block traffic all the time when they aren't in the car, like me, I can move right now," said Robert Lefkowitz, a driver.

Double parking enforcement will happen at the following locations:

Midtown South
34th Precinct

40th Precinct

62nd Precinct
77th Precinct

102nd Precinct
109th Precinct

Staten Island
120th Precinct