Spinning class and karaoke all in one

Lauren Glassberg has the details.
May 5, 2014 6:03:55 PM PDT
It's a spin class with a musical twist that will help your breathing.

As if taking a spin class on its own wasn't enough of a workout, at Crunch Gym they're taking it to the next level, because in this class you sing as you cycle, you sing.

And if you don't know the words, that's no problem because this is karaoke.

If you sing along enough, you do realize it because you get very out of breath.

The energy and the sweating is incredible. The singing, well not so much. And yes, you can request songs but it's just as fun to go along with what the instructor's chosen.

And before you know it the class is over, but you'll be left singing all day.

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