Man who took video explains high school fued

Marcus Solis reports from Mahopac.
March 11, 2014 3:59:56 PM PDT
There are new details about the ugly high school feud caught on camera in Westchester County.

The man who shot the video tries to explain what was really going on here.

Nearly two weeks later, it's still the talk of the town; the now infamous playoff basketball game between Mount Vernon and Mahopac high schools.

When it was over, there was taunting by adults and racist tweets by students.

Robert Buckley shot footage of the Mahopac maniacs, the term for the student cheering section.

Some questioned if there were racial overtones to the students wearing all white and turning their backs to the Mount Vernon players.

Buckley says the group alternates colors to dress up in, and as seen in a game against Carmel High School, always turns its back when opponents are being introduced.

Buckley, whose wife is black and children are biracial, says his family has never witnessed racist behavior in the community.

One of the tweets referenced the confederate flag. It is still unclear whether one was actually displayed in the stands.

Now county lawmakers are calling on the Westchester's Human Rights Commission to get involved.

Tuesday Mahopac school officials announced besides suspensions, each high school grade has had diversity meetings, letters stressing the importance of tolerance have gone out to parents, and staffers will discuss ways to enhance curriculum.

As for the behavior of adults, including the Former Mayor of Mount Vernon seen laughing during the taunting, Buckley says he has some questions.