Store workers fight back during Bushwick robbery

Jim Dolan reports from Bushwick, Brooklyn.
March 11, 2014 8:20:18 PM PDT
Police in Brooklyn are looking for a violent and brazen robber.

He came into the store smoking a cigarette, was asked to leave, and that's when he lost it.

Police don't know where he is but they do know what he looks like thanks to the surveillance video in the store.

In the video you see him struggling to get off the floor, where the employees had thrown him before they got out of his way.

He rifled through the cash register and emptied it. Abdul Kasim was upstairs in his office.

"I looked at the cameras I see them fighting, so I called the police right away and came down," said Abdul Kasim, the store's owner.

The elaborate security system, there are several cameras in the small Bushwick store, shows him walking in and smoking a cigarette.

Police say he jumped over the counter, struggled with three workers, and from different angles, you see him stealing the money.

What you don't see, is that in the struggle the employees got a couple good shots in that seemed to have no effect at all.

"I think he using drugs or something, he isn't feeling anything, and he's bleeding, but he didn't feel it, nothing happens," Kasim said.

Yeah, you can see he was wearing a coat and hat and hoodie when he walked in, but after the struggle, he had lost the jacket, hat and hoodie, that by then had blood on it.

"We gave the cops his shirt and his blood because we take him out his clothes too, we fight with him," Kasim said.