Half Marathon runner lost 200 pounds

Meteorologist Amy Freeze talks to stand-out runner
March 13, 2014 3:06:42 PM PDT
A New York woman lost more than 200 pounds, totally transforming her body and her life, and it is carrying her to more than a finish line at the NYC Half Marathon this Sunday.

Running around Central Park was something Sarah Marbach thought was not possible, but that was then. "I was 450 pounds at 21 years old and I wasn't going to make it to 30 at the rate that I was going," Sarah Marbach said.

Her transformation is shocking to even her.


"I couldn't walk up stairs. I would pretend to tie my shoes to stall, and now I can run 13 miles without stopping who am I," she said.

Holding up her own size 32 pants, Sarah says she's now a size 14. "It shows me how much I can do and how much determination I have," Marbach said.

More than 250 pounds ago, she trained and at first race and fell in love at the finish.

"That finish line made me hungry for more finish lines," she said.

After bariatric surgery, she continued her race to lose. Now, she laces up every day. Right now, she is focused on the NYC Half Marathon finish.

"My alarm is set, up at 4:30, get on my running clothes and suck it up and do what I had planned," she said.

Sarah credits running for giving her opportunity and purpose. She said she did it step-by-step. "Start where you are, do what you can and use what you have. Don't go out and run a marathon. I am 4 years in the making," Marbach explained.

Sarah says whatever life's race. You're always different at the finish that you were at the start.