Teenager seen hanging out of car after cell phone stolen

Stacey Sager reports from East Elmhurst, Queens
March 19, 2014 3:35:20 PM PDT
A Queens teenager risked life and limb for her phone, and while she got it back her father isn't too happy about what she did.

The robbery happened in east Elmhurst, Queens.

"Yeah, my legs were (hanging out of the car)," said Lesley Garcia.

Which is proof that the 14-year-old would do just about anything for her precious cell phone, a Samsung Galaxy she got for Christmas.

But Lesley's dad nearly hit the roof when he saw what happened on 87th street near 32nd avenue.

First a young man approached Lesley walking to school with her phone, asked to borrow it, saying he knew her brother, but then, he ran away with it.

"I thought it was a joke at first because (he knew my brother's name)," she said.

But it was no joke. Lesley's dad says surveillance video shows what happened next and apparently Lesley's brother taught her a thing or two about boxing...

There was also hair pulling, as Lesley chased down the male and female suspects who tried to get in a car and drive away.

"Half of her body was inside the car, and the other half of her body was laying in the street," her dad said.

Until the car slammed into this cinder block wall.

After being asked what she was thinking, "I wanted my phone back," she said.

Her dad said, "it's about phones because she doesn't think about herself, she thinks about the phone."

She also thought her dad would get mad that it was stolen, but he was much more mad about her death-defying efforts to retrieve it.

"I don't care about the phone, I can get a new one. I can't get a new daughter," he adds.

Lesley hurt her legs a bit, but it could've been far worse.