Alleged serial Manhattan bank robber nabbed after failed attempt

April 18, 2014 10:01:07 AM PDT
Police say they have finally arrested a man responsible for a string of bank robberies across Manhattan.

James Walton, linked to at least 10 robberies since March 6, was arrested Wednesday after failing to rob a Capital One Bank in Greenwich Village.

A police officer saw Walton running from the location and was able to catch him on Park Avenue South.

Investigators say he made statements linking himself to the robbery spree.

Surveillance pictures showed the suspect during a bank robbery Monday on Broadway near Carnegie Hall.

In the last week, investigators say he also robbed a bank near the Flatiron Building and another on the Upper East Side.

These are in addition to robberies at a Chase Bank on Madison Avenue and East 79th Street, a Capital One Bank on the Upper West Side, an HSBC near the Flatiron Building and a Capital One Bank on University Place near NYU.

In each robbery, the man handed the teller a note before taking off with cash.