Fire inside municipal building in Lower Manhattan

Tim Fleischer on Centre Street
March 21, 2014 4:29:34 PM PDT
A fire burned inside the municipal building at 1 Centre Street in Lower Manhattan.

The fire started just before 5 p.m.

When firefighters arrived there was smoke in the building.

Floors 22 and below were evacuated.

The fire apparently started on the 8th floor of the 36-story building due to some Asbestos abatement.

Two firefighters suffered minor injuries.

The FDNY had 26 units and 84 members on the scene.

According to the Citywide Administrative Services, about 2,000 people work in the 25-floor building, which houses a dozen city agencies.

The limestone, landmarked building sits at the Manhattan base of the Brooklyn Bridge and is distinctive for its Roman and Italian Renaissance architecture.

(Some information from the Associated Press)