Malnourished seal brought to new home in Mystic

March 28, 2014 5:29:23 AM PDT
A malnourished seal is finally getting the care she needs at her new home in Connecticut.

Ziggy Star was found nearly a year ago on a California beach, barely able to move.

Now, the Northern Fur Seal calls Mystic Aquarium home.

Veterinarians say she has limited vision and movement because of a neurological condition.

This week, she was flown from California to Connecticut, where workers are giving her fish she would not be able to catch on her own.

"She's unable to process visual images normally, so with limited vision, and she exhibits dis-coordinated movements," Mystic veterinarian Dr. Allison Tuttle said. "We'll be able to continue to provide her the fish she wouldn't otherwise be able to catch if she was out in the ocean."

The trip cost about $10,000, but it was well worth it to those who say she will now be an ambassador for a depleted species that seldomly gets stranded. She is one of only a dozen Northern Fur Seals at aquariums in the US and now one of three in Mystic.