Best buys for the month of April

Nina Pineda tells you what to buy now, and what to wait on.
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March 31, 2014 3:33:09 PM PDT
The April shower we're going to give you is some incredible deals. But before you take out your plastic listen up for the best buys of the month.

So how about some cool new spring duds?

Mark LoCastro is with and has been tracking the best buys of the spring since last year.

For apparel, he says hold off. The real deals start two months after stock hits the stores.

"In April, you should see discounts anywhere from 25 to 40 percent off. But if you wait until May, it could go for 50 percent off," LoCastro said.

But if you're in the market for hi-tech toys: strike now.

Mark says Xbox one prices are plummeting from $499 to just $399.

"Which is the same as PlayStation 4. So they're becoming more and more price competitive," LoCastro said.

You want competition, how about a new smart phone? The new hot Samsung phone has pushed Apple to deep discounts.

"If you trade in an iPhone 4 or even one of the new iPhone5 models you can get up to a $150 discount on the brand new Apple iPhone5," LoCastro said.

The only caveat is that you may have to commit to a two-year service agreement.

Speaking of hot, check out the smoking new TV technology out on the market now. The screen's actually curved. At $9,000 it's out of this world.

"This is what's pushing all the other technologies cheaper and cheaper," LoCastro said.

And that means 60-inch LED TV's will go for as little as $500.

"The previous technologies are seeing price cuts which are great for the consumer," LoCastro said.

Smart consumers know we're a month and a half from Mother's Day mayhem. Buy your baubles now before the cost for all things mom would want, shoot over the moon in May.

"In April, take advantage of any department store sales or coupons because that's going to be when you get the best deal," LoCastro said.

If mom is in the market for a new vacuum, don't buy it now April's the time all spring cleaning items spike.

"Wait a couple of months there's two times the number of deals in November, and the quality of deals are twice as good in November," LoCastro said.

Also, if you're looking for a new mattress, wait, you'll get the best deals during Memorial Day weekend.

And how about some April freebies? When tax day hits on the 15th, chains like Starbucks to offer free lattes.

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