Surveillance captures driver smashing into dealership cars

Marcus Solis reporting
April 1, 2014 2:59:02 PM PDT
A woman got lost and drove her car into a dealership, but it's what surveillance video captured her doing that got her in trouble and placed under arrest.

"I was like, 'Oh my God, she's going to hit it!' and boom, she hits it," said Elegio Crespo, a service technician.

There was a messy aftermath of true fender bender in an unlikely accident that resulted in an arrest.

It happened Monday morning at a car dealership in Fairfield. 20-year-old Melissa Febus of Bridgeport is accused of leaving the scene after damaging two cars.

The incident was captured on surveillance video.

Service technician Elegio Crespo is seen walking and watched the whole thing in disbelief.

"I'm like where's she going, she just hit two cars," Crespo said.

The car in question is on the bottom left of your screen if you play the video.

Police say Febus was lost and pulled into the lot of Miller Nissan to check her GPS.

She pulled off not realizing there isn't an exit in the direction she went.

She backed her car up slightly and tried to squeeze through an opening among parked vehicles.

But her angle was all wrong.

"You hear the tires screeching, and boom, boom, boom, and 'Oh my God,'" Crespo said.

Febus' car came back into view with a dent visible on the passenger side door.

The bumper to the Honda Accord was then dragging behind it.

Another camera showed the car driving out of the dealership and turning onto Kings Highway.

Crespo jotted down the license plate number while others called the cops.

"I immediately called the Fairfield Police and then I went to our security cameras to see if we had the actual footage of what happened. I was pretty amazed that the lady continued on," said Jeff Wirth, Operations Manager.

The damage to the two vehicles is barely visible. Febus however wasn't as lucky.

"She got the worst of it, she was dragging her bumper out of the lot as she drove away," Wirth said.