Metro North crash victims say medical payments cut off

Tim Fleischer has the story
April 2, 2014 3:47:21 PM PDT
Some survivors of last year's deadly Metro North crash are outraged because the railroad has stopped paying for their medical bills.

Last December, four people were killed in the derailment at the Spuyten Duyvil station in the Bronx, and 59 others were hurt.

The victim I spoke to says she has a long road to recovery following the derailment.

And she is hoping Metro North will continue the payment of medical benefits.

"Just hold my hand, so that if anything happened to me, they could tell my family," said the victim, Dr. Denise Williams.

Thinking she was going to die, Dr. Williams remembers being trapped in that Metro North rail car, critically injured and unable to move.

This after a violent derailment sent eight cars of the commuter train flying off the tracks back in December of last year.

"I feel scared. I feel lost, and I don't have the support of Metro North with my medical," she said.

Having endured months of painful treatments and rehabilitation, she and her attorney now claim the medical benefits paid for by Metro North have ended.

"They are reneging on their promise to treat these people and provide them with proper medical care," said defense attorney Michael Lemonsoff.

In a statement, railroad officials said "Metro North made an exception and offered to pay emergency room and hospital bills for those insured."

They add it was extended "to include all reasonable medical bills that were submitted to Metro North through March 14th."

But Dr. Williams, a dentist and retired Army Colonel, says she has bills to pay now.

"I want them to give me what they promised and the others. We need the medical benefits, we need them badly," Williams said.