Teachers accused in Fallsburg heroin controversy speak out

Jim Dolan reports from Fallsburg, NY

April 3, 2014 4:01:10 AM PDT
A teaching assistant and five teachers who are accused of bringing heroin into the elementary school where they work spoke out Wednesday night at a public hearing.

"I'm the one people said should get a bullet in my head," said Peter Duncan, introducing himself to the crowd.

In December, a packet of heroin and other paraphernalia were found in a restroom in the Benjamin Cosor Elementary School. Then, more was found in February. Six men were seen on tape using the bathroom around the time the items were found in February; each was told to go to police. There, they were read their Miranda rights.

Dominic Sullivan, another accused teacher, said, "Every one of us volunteered to do a urine test."

Each eventually took urine and follicle tests, and each claims they passed -- Duncan showed his results to a reporter -- but the board has never acknowledged that publicly.

"When will you clear my name?" said Duncan.

In the meantime, some parents have removed their children from the classrooms of the accused educators. The men want their names cleared, and they want the parents and children they work with to know that they are innocent. So far, the administration hasn't made such a statement.