70-year-old attacked on Brooklyn subway platform

Tim Fleischer has more from Park Slope.
April 4, 2014 8:14:56 PM PDT
70-year-old Judith Moroney was the victim of an unprovoked attack as she was sitting on the Southbound R platform Sunday morning. Her attacker struck, and she thought it was the knockout game.

"Then I realized I wasn't knocked out ? it was a surprise attack, and that's what I thought it was," Moroney says.

Moroney's attacker, police say is a man who they caught on security cameras. He was also caught on camera at the upper level token booth.

"I felt like I was seeing stars, I felt this punch right up here ? I was wearing my glasses," Moroney says.

After the attacker brutally hit her, she was stunned, but then looked up.

"There was a man standing right in front of me, and he was giving me this very menacing look, and I said 'get your cell phone out'," adds Moroney.

The man then turned and left, and Moroney, who was stunned, but not seriously injured, ran up to the to the token booth for help. Later, after police obtained photos, Moroney knew she could recognize her attacker.

"I looked for details, and there were very specific details that I focused on. I saw the surveillance video," says Moroney.

Eyewitness News reporter Tim Fleischer showed the picture to subway riders on the R line platform. The riders did not know the man, but were surprised by the sudden attack.