Nassau County DA: Evidence in 45 county cases being retested

April 8, 2014 4:26:13 AM PDT
Defense lawyers on Long Island say they are dumbfounded at a new report of evidence testing errors for cases in Nassau County.

Nassau District Attorney Kathleen Rice has notified lawyers in 45 cases that their ballistics evidence needs to be retested because it may have been compromised when it was outsourced to a lab in Texas.

The county has sent criminal evidence out of state ever since the crime lab was shut down three years ago after testing errors.

DA spokesperson Shams Tarek says the move is in response to "an overabundance of caution."

He says there was a mistake in one incident, but that it was not used against anyone in any case. Tarek says 32 cases were open, and there were 14 cases in which the defendant was already sentenced.

Nassau police declined to comment.