Hot fashion trends for spring

Lauren Glassberg reports on 7 fashions hot for Spring.
April 13, 2014 5:39:10 PM PDT
Check out the top fashions trends of spring. Lauren Glassberg consulted expert Brooke Jaffe of Bloomingdale's, to see what's hot this season.

1. The big color of spring this year is pink. Also, check out brightly colored and patterned clothes.

2. Consider the jumpsuit as a festive option.

3. Show some midriff when wearing traditional matching-set skirts and tops.

4. Denim - lots of denim. Feel free to wear a denim top with your jeans - even if the denim color matches.

5. Athletic inspired pants and jackets

6. Slip-on sneakers

7. Silver jewelry with a liquid look and a high polish