Suspicious devices found at off-duty EMT's Brooklyn home

Tim Fleischer has more from Brooklyn.
April 11, 2014 5:59:11 AM PDT
Led out of the 60th precinct house in handcuffs, EMT Victor Cadicamo is facing multiple charges stemming from what began as a domestic dispute, and ended with police making a surprising discovery in his home.

Early Thursday, police were called to Cadicamo's Brighton Beach home, after his wife told poiec that Cadicamo threatened her with a gun during an argument. Police sauy they seized five guns and a rifle in the home, and then took Cadicamo to the precinct for further questioning.

The police claim the 29-year-old EMT revealed that he also had several make-shift explosives in the home.

Back at the house, police discovered at least 4 devices ? two they say were apparent pipe bombs, each about six inches long.

Cadicamo's two year old child was also in the house at the time of his arrest.

The 6-year veteran EMT faces possible suspension without pay in addition to the criminal charges.