Behind the scene of Bullets Over Broadway

Sandy Kenyon offers a preview of new Woody Allen play Bullets over Broadway starring Zach Braff.
April 14, 2014 1:42:31 PM PDT
It's been two decades since Woody Allen fired "Bullets over Broadway" on the big screen. Now, he's dusted off some old tunes and breathed new life into the script staged by Susan Strohman who directed "The Producers."

They have hired Zach Braff to play Woody's part and surrounded him with a terrific cast.

"Bullets" and Braff don't necessarily belong together so I wondered how the star of TV's "Scrubs" would pull it off.

"Broadway is the hardest job I've ever had. It's harder than directing a movie. It's harder than anything. It's so exhausting all you wanna do is lay in the fetal position, pet your dog, and watch bad TV," Braff said.

And yet he pulls off the part of a struggling writer in his 20's during the 1920s, who will do anything to get his play on stage.

"No one wants to produce it. He finally finds a mobster that will produce the play if he puts the ditsy mobster's girlfriend in one of the leading roles so he does and wackiness ensues," Braff said.

Maren Mazzie plays the aging diva who must carry the show.

"It's a play within a play which is fun because it's about putting on a Broadway show in the 20's, but actually on a Broadway stage," Braff explained.

His star hailed from the "garden state" in his most famous film just as he does in real life, and his family took him to see musicals like this one.

"I grew up just loving Broadway. It's what got me into acting and musical comedy is what made me wanna be an actor," Braff said.

That makes his present position all the more sweet.

"I look around and I can't believe that I'm doing what as a little boy I one day dreamed I'd do," he said.

Zach Braff acquits himself very nicely, and so does Vincent Pastore most famous as "Big Pussy" from The Sopranos. "Bullets over Broadway" is big, broad and two and a half hours of good family entertainment.

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