Cardio workouts that feel more like dance parties

Lauren Glassberg reports on fun, dance-inspired ways to get fit with no membership required!
April 14, 2014 3:08:49 PM PDT
Anna Kaiser makes her cardio dance workouts sound so easy, but don't be fooled - classes at Akt in Motion are challenging. Dance cardio is the basis, but strength and flexibility both play a part.

"So you start walking for four counts, and then you do two jumping jacks to music," Kaiser says, "and the beat elevates it to dance status."

Kaiser dances with Shakira, and all of her trainers have dance backgrounds. Many people start out by doubting whether they can do the workouts, but once they finish, it is a self confidence booster.

Self-confidence is also the idea behind vixen workouts, which began in Florida by a former Miami Heat dancer. Now, Vixen classes are held in New York, and when you participate, you are meant to feel like you are a part of the "Vixen Army".

Another high-intensity dance-based workout is 305 Fitness. Named for Miami's area code, you will feel like you are a night club, because there is always a live DJ.

It is a little more understated, but no less intense at Body by Simone, where the trainers are also dancers and the feeling is that you are dancing around with your girlfriends and having a good time at a party - a healthy party that includes 45 minutes of high-impact.

While all of these cardio dance classes are reminiscent of the days of Jane Fonda, they are modern in their execution, and they provide results. Many inches have been lost, and lives have been changed all because the workouts feel good, and do not feel like working out.

No membership is required at any of the classes..

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