Boys suspended from school for displaying confederate flag during sporting event

Kristin Thorne has the story.
April 15, 2014 3:30:21 PM PDT
Two Long Island high school students have been suspended for allegedly displaying a Confederate battle flag during a sporting event.

We still don't know why they did it.

The picture captured two seniors at St. Anthony's High School on Long Island wearing a Confederate flag to a handball tournament at the school.

"Everybody was kind of like are you serious did this actually just happen. The gym teachers took precautions. It was unbelievable how quickly they made sure the flag was away," said Aleksei Korobow.

The school originally suspended the students for 10 days, but now principal Brother Gary Cregan says he's seeking further disciplinary action although he wouldn't specify.

"It's that serious and it's that obnoxious that it warrants a strong reaction on the part of the school," he said.

Some say though the flag isn't a symbol of hate but is a piece of American history, and then there's the whole free speech argument.

"I understand it brings up bad feelings but people do have the right to express their opinions whether we agree with it or not," said parent Hector Gavilla.

The game last Wednesday was between students at the school, one team primarily white students the other African American who were apparently stunned when the students walked in with the flag.

"They were able to keep themselves mature about it. I know it was a struggle for them but they were able to keep very mature about it," adds Korobow.

And on top of all of this just today the school expelled a female student who recently posted a racist remark on Twitter.