Driver arrested after teens get drunk, trash party bus

Josh Einiger reporting
April 15, 2014 8:35:02 PM PDT
On Tuesday night, Matt Delaney was picking through the debris on his party bus. Seats were ripped apart, and there were bottles and cups everywhere, along with the overwhelming stench of day-old booze.

Monday night, Delaney rented the bus to about 40 16 and 17-year-olds for a spring break ride to Montauk and back. However, it was driver Luis Guevara-Henriquz who wound up in cuffs when state troopers found the bus stopped on the side of Sunrise Highway - the teens were guzzling gallons of liquor.

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Delaney insists his driver had no clue what his passengers had brought in their backpacks until they heard him destroy one of the seats.

"Once he heard the commotion, he stopped the bus and did his job," says Delaney, "obviously he didn't know they were doing this. You have no clue."

How could the driver not know what was going on in his own bus as he cruised down Sunrise Highway? A thick black felt curtain was separating him from the chaos in the back.

Troopers seized much of the booze and arrested Henriquz for endangering the welfare of a child. Even his boss has GPS records he says prove the driver made no stops along the way, so he could not have possibly bought the kids their drinks. He says he dealt with one of the teen's parents ? paperwork lists a Garden City home as a pickup point.

State police say they are looking into who bought the alcohol. Many of the teens may find themselves in even deeper trouble than the driver, whose boss says he has been thrown under the bus.