Rare springtime snow coats cars, slicks roads

Jeff Smith reports on spring snow that blanketed the area last night.
April 16, 2014 2:57:30 PM PDT
Residents across the Tri-State Area awoke Wednesday to an unwelcome sight, not seen in awhile, but prevalent throughout the brutal winter -- snow, ice and cold.

And while the springtime dusting was a surprise, the chilly temperatures and biting wind chill were expected.

One day after people romped outside in shorts and T-shirts, enjoying sunshine and highs in the 70s, it was back to the hat and scarf for Hump Day.

Highs are only expected to reach the upper 40s, but it was below freezing early on, with real-feel conditions in the 20s.

Many places across the New York area, particularly to the north and west of the city and northern New Jersey, saw a decent coating of up to nearly an inch. Trained spotters reported an inch and a half of snow in Vernon in Sussex County and an inch in Manalapan in Monmouth County, shocking for April 16.


And whatever did drop quickly froze over on cars and roadways, creating the potential for a slick and dangerous morning commute. Only a few salt spreaders were spotted on the highways, and even fewer on local roads. Untreated sidewalks are slippery.

A freeze warning is in effect for most of the area through Wednesday morning.