2 football players accused of Soho nightclub beating

April 16, 2014 2:09:31 PM PDT
A man who says he was beaten by football players in the VIP room of a New York City nightclub is telling us his story.

And police want to talk to two top NFL prospects who the victim says are responsible for beating him.

"I'm in pain, the pain is excruciating, I can't eat," said 28-year old Michael Haver in an exclusive interview.

So much pain, Haver says he can barely talk.

The Manhattan music promoter claims he was the victim of a brutal beatdown, at the hands of two college football stars he'd never even heard of.

"For no reason at all, I got hit with something and pummeled, that's all I know, all I remember them being on top of me," said Haver.

It happened Friday night at The Greenhouse, a popular nightclub on Varick Street.

According to Haver, he stepped into a VIP room at the club and borrowed a candle for light, and that's when he says the players pummeled him with a hookah pipe.

His lawyer says Haver needed four hours of surgery to put his face back together.

"He had screws in his face, nerve damage, permanent vision loss, loss of sensation, those are irreparable damages," said attorney Israel Burns.

Police tell Eyewitness News they want to talk to former South Carolina defensive tackle Kelcy Quarles and cornerback Victor Hampton, who sources say were ejected from the club for unruly behavior in the VIP room, even though Quarles denies even being there in the first place.

"I'm [mad] about it because it's going to hurt my draft status," he told his local paper. "I'm about to do everything I possibly can to get my name cleared because it's not fair. I had nothing to do with this."

Both players are back in South Carolina, making it difficult for police to talk with them.

If they do agree to talk with detectives about this, it won't be Hampton's first time dealing with police.

Last week in South Carolina, Hampton was arrested after an alleged domestic dispute with his sister.

There was also a separate incident at the nightclub in Soho with a third teammate, Charles Sutton, who was stabbed less than an hour later.

The manager for all three players did not return our calls, and the nightclub had no comment.