Suspense builds for season finale of 'Scandal'

Sandy Kenyon offers preview of Scandal finale airing tonight on ABC 7. Actors weigh in on what to expect.
April 17, 2014 2:15:14 PM PDT
The third season of 'Scandal' comes to a close Thursday night with star Kerry Washington promising the last few moments will be 'very shocking', telling the Hollywood Reporter the final shot is not something she could have imagined.

The presidential campaign on the series that is days away from ending and last week's hour ended with a ticking bomb at a funeral.

Who will survive and who won't? Even the experts aren't sure.

"They've already killed off a major character this season. They've had a really high body count. I mean how many characters can you realistically kill off before the fans start to revolt?", said Marisa Guthrie of the Hollywood Reporter.

There's been no revolt yet from 'The Gladiators', and ratings for the series are up almost 40 percent from last season on ABC 7.

"I always want to make the show something that you can't do other stuff while it's on, so you can't fold your laundry and watch the show or yell at your husband and watch the show," said executive producer Shonda Rimes.

Rimes, the show's creataor, makes a rare appearance with Jimmy Kimmel Thursday night after the season finale of 'Scandal'.

"I hate to do this, but I want to ensure I get the answers I need from you," says Kimmel, holding a drill.

Good luck Jimmy! And if the boss isn't saying much, don't expect her cast to be too specific.

"There are just so many cliffhangers and plots that dish up, so many great questions that by the end, it's insane. I can't even describe it very well, it's insane," said Darby Stanchfield, 'Abby Whelan'.

We do know envelopes have played supporting roles this season, and the finale is no different.

Nothing is certain, except 'Mellie' is still a mess.

"Every week I think they've done something so amazing that they've written themselves into a corner and they can't think of any other story to tell and then they just blow my mind in a new and different way," said Bellamy Young, 'Mellie Grant'.

Scott Foley, who plays 'Jake', is predicting "Twitter will explode" during those shocking final moments and I hope you will tweet me and tell me your reaction, at @SandyKenyon7.

If you just can't get enough "Scandal", Jimmy Kimmel has a special edition of his show he's calling "Behind the Scandalabra", right after Eyewitness News at 11.