Long Island man searches for driver who hit him and fled

Kristin Thorne reports on a hit and run that took place in East Garden City. The perpetrator covered up the man he hit with a blanket and took off.
April 17, 2014 6:05:04 PM PDT
A hit and run victim is a on a mission to find the driver that him, stopped long enough to put a blanket over him, and then took off.

The victim says he just wants to know why the driver took off, leaving him seriously injured on the side of a road in East Garden City.

Surveillance video shows Steven Acquaviva walking to his car when he's hit by a pickup truck.

His body goes flying.

The driver stops, stays for a few minutes and then strangely gets a blanket out of his truck and lays it over Acquaviva.

He goes back to his car and drives off.

"Maybe he thought he killed me and then something went through his head and he took off," said Acquaviva, a Centereach resident.

Acquaviva has been left with a broken pelvis, a fractured back and various other broken bones.

Doctors say he won't be able to walk for another three weeks.

He's pleading for the driver to come forward not because he necessarily wants to see him punished but because it's just the right thing to do.

"Could have been him lying there and I'm sure he wouldn't want the same thing happening to me happening to him," said Acquaviva.

Acquaviva says he doesn't remember much, not even the man putting the blanket over him.

He just recalls waking up in the hospital.

"He's always been a tough guy so to think of him as defenseless I guess as he is it's hard," said his son Nickolas Watson.

They were unable to get a good look at the license plate on surveillance video but if you recognize this truck Acquaviva hopes you'll call police.

"I understand accidents happen but I want to know why he stopped and why he took off," said Acquaviva.