Yonkers family outraged after dog mauled by pit bull

Marcus Solis with the story from Yonkers, Westchester County.
April 18, 2014 3:28:20 PM PDT
A family from Yonkers is outraged after they say their dog was attacked and killed, and they say there were no consequences for the dog that did it, or for his family.

The pit bull was unleashed, wandering the neighborhood when it attacked a 17-pound dog named Lulu, leaving the family devastated.

It was with complete and utter terror that Maria Dias saw it unfold. Her family's beloved dog, mauled by a pit bull.

The attack happened Sunday as Dias was walking into her home. In a flash, the pit bull had Lulu locked in its jaws.

"We were so in shock to witness my dog being mauled by another dog and she's 17 pounds. This huge dog on top of my dog," said Dias.

The attack lasted several minutes until Dias's husband finally fought off the pit bull. Lulu suffered severe abdominal injuries and underwent surgery.

But Thursday the 6-year old Llasa Apso developed kidney failure and died in 16-year old Monica Dias's arms.

"It's just horrible not having here anymore. It's like a piece of us is missing. It doesn't seem the same not having her in the house, without her here with us," said Monica.

The owner of the pit bull was unavailable for comment, but has been issued two summonses.

Meantime the Dias family is facing $7,000 in veterinary bills while mourning their loss.

"She was our companion. People think this might just be a dog. It's part of your family, it's like having a child," said Maria Dias.

The judge will determine the fines involved for having an unleashed and unlicensed dog. But the family is upset that the pit bull was returned to its owner and not confiscated.