Cat Cafe pounces onto Lower East Side

Michelle Charlesworth reports on pop-up cat cafe which allows patrons to mingle with cats, adopt them and snack on free (human!) food.
April 24, 2014 6:54:12 PM PDT
A unique cat cafe has opened in Manhattan and it's gaining national attention.

The Cat Cafe invites you in to spend time with felines, and enjoy a free 'Cattacino' beverage.

The pop-up store is located on Bowery and Delancey Street on the Lower East Side.

If you love cats, pounce over to the store in the next few days. It is open through Sunday night.

"Everyone is here to learn about cats, pet them, sit and learn about cat health and take the 28-day challenge," said Niky Roberts of the Cat Cafe.

That challenge is about making your cat healthier in just a month.

North Shore Animal League is there with a van, and dozens of cats are up for adoption, at around $50 apiece.

"We have more than 100 healthy and happy cats you can take home, not just the ones you see here," said Christine Travalja of the North Shore Animal League.

There are also information sessions on health, how they lower our blood pressure, and how nutrition helps cats.

"Shiny coats, bright eyes, strong teeth and bones, increased energy, we cover cat health from a holistic standpoint," said Roberts.

Facebook has been purring about this. Sal wrote, "I was invited for this Sunday to go. Who's with Meow? I mean me!?"

And on the Eyewitness News page, Cheryl wrote, "Totally pawesome and purrrrfect," with a cat icon.

Those Cattacinos and all the coffee and baked goodies are free for humans.

"I am a giant cat fan. I just see a lot of people loving cats and I want to get in there," said one customer.