Best days of the week to get deals

Nina Pineda tells you the best time to buy those electronics you've been eyeing as well as the best time to snag deals on everything from hotel rooms to home goods.
Seven On Your Side
April 24, 2014 3:20:12 PM PDT
Online shopping expert and president of DefinitiveDeals.Com say retailers react on different days of the week and because of consumer market research.

Monday ? People come back to their office and shop the most on Monday, which makes it the cheapest day of the week for TVs, computers and cameras.

Tuesday - Best day of the week to book a flight.

Wednesday - Looking to get a hotel room? The best day to bunk up is Wednesday.

Saturday ? Need to catch up on reading? Retailers slash reading material the most on Saturdays

Saturday and Sunday ? Best days of the week to purchase products for the home such as appliances, microwaves, refrigerators. Places like Home Depot and Lowes discount the products mostly on Sundays.