Review: "The Other Woman" has occasional comedic moments in otherwise mediocre film

Sandy Kenyon with the review. (WABC)
April 25, 2014 1:44:17 PM PDT
While Cameron Diaz's role as "The Other Woman" seems to fit her talents perfectly, another actress comes very close to upstaging her.

There are highs and lows of the movie. It will remind you of other movies and the second half never lives up to the promise of the first.

But on the bright side, Leslie Mann has finally found a role big enough for her considerable talents, and found in Diaz the perfect, comic foil.

"I am not ready to compete with woman like you," Mann's character says to Diaz's.

"We got played by the same guy," she responds.

That 'guy' is the husband of Mann's character, who has been romancing Diaz's character while pretending to be single.

While pop star Nikki Manaj also has a small role playing her secretary, the focus of the film is on Mann's needy housewife who forms an unlikely alliance with the "other woman."

As the ladies bond, they realize they are not alone, coming to the conclusion that he is cheating on both of them.

Kate Upton is the other "other woman," and it is at this point the film starts to go south from the improbable, past the ridiculous, to the truly ludicrous.

The deterioration of the film is disappointing, as the first hour is filled with uncomfortable truths that lead to big laughs.

The movie lacks a coherent vision which makes it impossible to recommend but there is humor to be found at the wit and the wisdom of these women.

Although "The Other Woman" is not a good film, one who can appreciate the good parts within a mediocre film might be able to enjoy it.