Carjacking suspect holds on to cab on Bronx Expressway

Marcus Solis reports on a man who was high on drugs who tried to car jack a taxi but wound up hanging off the side of the vehicle for dear life. (WABC)
April 29, 2014 3:20:11 PM PDT
An alleged carjacking suspect was caught on video clinging to the side of a cab on a busy Bronx highway.

The suspect's mother praised the lord as she left court--but had no comment about her son. And this alleged crime spree, part of which was captured on video. Matthew McCorkle is accused of trying to carjack two cars including a yellow taxi. Mohamed Milogo was behind the wheel.

"Then I tried to go from the left to the right to get him off the car," he said.

When Milago sped off, McCorkle hung on. Vlane Carter taped the unlikely scene with his cell phone Monday morning.

"I drive closer and I see the guy on the side of the vehicle and it was really mind boggling, so I said I had to do something," Carter said.

The recording spans an 8 mile stretch as the cab speeds along the Bruckner Expressway. The suspect can be seen standing on the running board of the taxi minivan--at one point McCorkle raises his leg and tries to kick in the window.


In another section he loses his footing and his legs are dangling coming into contact with the road below.

"The thing that made me really nervous was the fact the guy fell off the car in the left lane, I would've smashed him," adds Carter.

The cab slowed down in traffic which is when police say McCorkle successfully carjacked a 61-year old man eventually crashing the vehicle into a truck.

No one including McCorkle was hurt. According to court documents, the 26-year old suspect told officers, "I popped a Molly. I was smoking some weed. I was mixing drugs."

"I asked the police what happened to him, and the police told me he was not normal," adds Milogo.

McCorkle is being held on $200,000 bail.