Passenger records MTA bus driver texting during storm

Rob Nelson with the story from Midtown, Manhattan. (WABC)
May 5, 2014 9:38:25 AM PDT
The MTA has launched an investigation after a passenger recorded a bus driver texting while driving during the torrential rainfall Wednesday.

Driving through the storm was tough for commuters all across our area, but for the folks on the bus, there was an added danger.

The 40-second video shows the driver of the express bus from Manhattan to Staten Island distracted again and again by his cell phone while driving along the New Jersey Turnpike.

It's dangerous behavior on a good day, let alone during heavy rainfall.

The passenger first handed it over to the Staten Island Advance newspaper. She says the driver was repeatedly texting and that she feared for her safety.

Other passengers told Eyewitness News they would have been afraid as well.

The MTA told Eyewitness News that it is looking into the incident.

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