Cat kicking suspect released without bail

Tim Fleischer reports the suspect behind the attack was released on no bail (WABC)
May 6, 2014 3:31:19 PM PDT
A 21-year old man is has been released after being charged with kicking a cat in Brooklyn.

Andre Robinson was arraigned Monday night and released without bail. He's been charged with cruelty.

The criminal complaint states he kicked the cat eight to 10 feet into the air. He was identified as the person on the video by his mother, who told police he loves animals and had cats and dogs as a child, according to the document.

The suspect has 8 prior arrests.

Police launched an investigation after Eyewitness News brought the video to their attention.

NYPD detectives went to the man's housing complex after examining the video. A warning when watching the video: it is disturbing.

The man is seen cajoling a cat, petting it, and as the cat gets closer, the alleged suspect kicks it like a football.

But there is at least a happy ending with the rescue of the cat, affectionately known in the Brevoort Houses as "King".

He's being checked out after running through the complex all day Tuesday, trying to evade rescuers.

The suspect's mother, Mary Kirby, would not talk about her son and the charges, as even she followed pet rescuers and the NYPD as they tried to capture the fleeting feline four times hiding under cars.

Dorit Shani, with the North Shore Animal League, spent the day trying to coax King from under several cars, first enticing him with food and then trying to catch him. Each time he got away.

"You try to go as slow as possible to try and gain their trust and then once you have sight of them, you try to get them as quick as possible," said Shani.

Eventually the cat was surrounded on three sides, which allowed the rescuers to put the cage at one end and finally coax him out.

He suddenly popped out the end of a dumpster, cowering in a humane cage, now safe and sound.

Police say he'll be evaluated at an animal hospital and when the case is over he'll be available for adoption.

A veterinarian confirmed to police that the blow likely caused "serious physical injury."

The video of the incident, posted on Facebook, sparked outrage Monday.

It is hard to believe but some who saw the video weren't fazed, and some wondered why people were so concerned.

"Basically why would you worry about a cat? I understand that it's cruelty to animals but there's more serious stuff going on," one resident said.

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