New Jersey animal hospital accused of cruelty to dogs

Michelle Charlesworth reports on the rescue of a number of dogs kept in overcrowded conditions in the basement of a NJ animal hospital. (WABC)
May 6, 2014 5:29:34 AM PDT
The sign said it was an animal hospital, but what authorities in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey say they found inside was anything but.

Nearly 40 German Shepherds were crammed into cages inside and outside in inhumane conditions, and a case, say authorities, of animal cruelty.

Dozens of dogs were taken from the kennel and animal hospital in Ridgefield Park that is now under investigation.

The dogs were crammed into crates, up to three in one, unable to stand up or turn around.

"I spoke earlier with our shelter manager and she said the conditions were just unbelievable," said Rose Inguanti of the Bergen County Health Department. "None of them seem to be aggressive, they all appear to be good dogs."

Six dogs were handed over to adoptive families that checked out, but five were given back to the owner of the facility, the same owner who is under investigation.

As the investigation continues, that may change and the dogs may be taken away.

In the coming weeks, the dogs will be cleaned up, given shots, and eventually be offered for adoption. Check the Facebook page of the Bergen County Animal Shelter for details.

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