Kicked Brooklyn cat cajoled by rescuers, brought to ASPCA

Lisa Colagrossi reports from the Upper East Side, where a stray cat that was brutally kicked will eventually be put up for adoption (WABC)
May 7, 2014 3:30:08 AM PDT
There is new hope for the cat that was caught on camera being brutally abused by a 21-year-old in Brooklyn.

The suspect, Andre Robinson, is charged with animal cruelty in a story that sparked outrage across the Tri-State Area. Police launched an investigation after Eyewitness News brought the video to their attention.

But many have been wondering how the cat is doing. He's now recovering on the Upper East Side after an hours-long capture effort Tuesday, and he'll eventually be put up for adoption.

The cat, affectionately known as King to residents in the Brevoort Houses, is resting comfortably at the ASPCA in Yorkville, where he will get a full examination. If any more injuries are found, it could lead to additional charges against Robinson.

Police say Robinson was waiting for a food delivery when he turned to his friends and said "watch this." He then allegedly lured the cat by holding out his hand and kicked him, while a friend videotaped the incident. The cat flew about 20 feet.

The kitty was tracked down by 16 rescuers, with the NYPD and North Shore Animal League involved in the effort.

"You try to go as slow as possible and gain their trust," North Shore's Dort Shani said. "Then, once you have sight of them and are available to get them, you have to be as quick as possible so we don't get injured and so the cat is less stressed."

It took several hours to coax the cat into the cage, and then he was brought to the facility for medical treatment. He will be available for adoption, but only after the court case is resolved.

Robinson was arraigned Monday night and released without bail. He has eight prior arrests.

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