Spelling error turns up on subway signs in the Bronx

Tim Fleischer reports on misspelled subway signs at the Grand Concourse station in the Bronx. (WABC)
May 7, 2014 4:05:10 PM PDT
A spelling error in the subway is causing no small degree of frustration underground in the Grand Concourse section of the Bronx.

Three signs are missing just one important letter. The "R" in Concourse. The MTA says it's going to get it fixed quickly.

In the daily rush of life, catching a train to work or school, having little time to stop and look around, it can sometimes be the little things that we miss.

On the downtown platform on the B & D line, the sign was telling us that we were on "Grand Concouse".

Considering the thousands and thousands of subway signs in the five boroughs, every so often you just might find a dropped vowel or a consonant.

At the 82nd Street station in Jackson Heights last summer, an observant commuter spotted the missing "E" in the sign directing riders to the "Roosvelt Station", wherever that might be.

Perhaps though, subway rider Janell Troupe, working in the health care field, just may have hit on something, even for those workers who make these signs.

"It might have been an honest mistake. They may be overworked and understaffed," she said.

Too busy to notice, whether you're making the signs or walking by them.

But the signs no doubt will be corrected, and instead of pointing a finger of blame the next time, point a camera and grab a picture to let others know you stopped and noticed the little thing to be corrected.

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