UberFAMILY starts in NYC; UberX with car seats

Lauren Glassberg reports on Uber car service which provides built-in car seats for children in all their taxis. (WABC)
May 13, 2014 8:10:19 AM PDT
If you're an urban parent, you know the drama of getting small kids around town.

Between subway stations with no elevators, and cabs with no car seats, it can be quite a hassle.

But one company is hoping to alleviate part of the problem.

"Sometimes I have to pop in a cab with them and put them on my lap and it makes me nervous," said one New York parent.

And that's why so many parents feel conflicted about taking their young children in taxis.

But the on demand car company Uber hopes to make traveling easier and safer with the launch of Uber Family, Uber cars equipped with car seats.

There's a $10 surcharge for Uber Family rides.

This seat is for children a year and up. Parents with younger children are encouraged to use their own portable infant car seats.

Care.com paid for the first several hundred car seats. The company co-founder Donna Levin says they wanted to make sure Uber users were able to have safe rides in the same way that Care.com users want the best quality care givers.

Uber says all drivers may eventually carry a car seat and be trained in proper installation.

Here's the FAQ page on Uber: http://blog.uber.com/uberfamilyfaq
Here's the video for learning how to strap your kids in: http://nycvideo.uber.com/A72/immi-go-securing-kids/
Uber Family: http://thecarseatlady.com/uberfamily-immi-go/

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