Newburgh school gets 7 On Your Side for back pay

Nina Pineda helps a charter prep school in Newburgh, New York get funding for months of back pay--not once but twice! (WABC)
Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tom Dunn, State Education Department Spokesman, issued a statement:

"We strongly disagree with virtually all of Mr. Gilmore's characterizations of the unprecedented technical assistance meeting the Department conducted for the benefit of Newburgh Prep Charter School. The situation at Newburgh Prep has made it clear that some charter schools are still developing the internal capacity to manage the complex State Aid system and processes, which is part of the responsibilities that charter schools take on when they apply for, and accept, a charter that gives them a great deal of autonomy and responsibility for their management and operational decisions. Newburgh Prep was informed, several times prior to opening, that the process for billing school districts for charter school tuition payments was complex and that if, as everyone anticipated, there would be need to file intercept requests in order to receive payments, an already complex process would become even more complex and that payments might not be received by the School on a schedule that matched their fiscal obligations. This process can be further delayed when charter schools do not file complete or correct information with their intercept requests, which has been a consistent problem for this school. The schedule for billing school districts for charter school tuition payments and for filing intercepts, if all or part of those bills are not paid by the districts, is in law and regulation and has not changed. The Department will continue to provide assistance and guidance to Newburgh Prep on behalf of the students the School serves and to support the mission and vision of the School."