'Breather' rents rooms to businesses or people needing a space to work by the hour

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Lauren Glassberg has the story of 'Breather', which rents rooms to businesses or people needing a space to work by the hour. (WABC)

Not everyone has a brick and mortar office and renting space can really be pricey.

But now there's a way to find the room you need in just minutes with no expensive or long term contract needed.

A photo shoot was held, not at a photo studio, but at a room they rented by the hour.

Not "that" kind of room.

These rooms are meant to be used for work; for meetings, important calls, presentations or in the case of NYC Collective, photo shoots.

"Photo studios can cost thousands of dollars, so renting a breather makes it convenient to do creative projects for an affordable rate," said Jessi Green, of NYC Collective.

"Breather" is the company that operates these rooms, located in office buildings.

You use the Breather app to book. You can look on the map and see images of the rooms available and book up until a minute before you need the room.

"Our clients are startups, creatives, photographers, entrepreneurs, other business executives who just want to get out of the office for a little while, have a meeting away from the office, put their heads down put their headphones in and get some work done,"

Rooms are available from 6 a.m. until 10 p.m. and a cleaning crew swoops in between every booking.

On average rooms cost $22-$65 an hour.

That was the right budget for Michael Pollack when he was starting his facial company "Heyday".

"We reached a point where we needed to have larger meetings, to do interviews, we needed to be somewhat more official than coffee shops and our own homes," Pollack said.

There's always Wi-Fi, supplies, and even tootsie rolls to help sweeten the experience.

"I wish my office full time was a Breather space because they have a white board, a nice long table for meetings, a couch, it's perfect," Green said.

So far there are 40 breather rooms in Manhattan and dozens of other in San Francisco, Boston, and parts of Canada. Breather plans to expand to Brooklyn soon.

For more information please visit: http://breather.com/
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