Mireille Enos and Jay Hayden from 'The Catch' on Season 2 changes

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Jennifer Matarese interviews Mireille Enos and Jay Hayden from ABC's "The Catch." (WABC)

So what's new for season 2 on "The Catch?" Well, you might have noticed, there's more humor!

"It's lighter and laughier and we are just embracing the comedy," Enos said.

Also, if you're hoping to see a lavish wedding for Alice and Benjamin, Enos said, you'll have to keep on waiting!

"Not this year, there's hope though!" Enos said.

Meantime, Hayden is excited that viewers will get to see "Danny" grow into a more mature character and start to "grow up."

"He's getting into some interpersonal relationships and interacting with some characters that he never did before," Hayden said.

Another change this season, the addition of T.R. Knight to the cast as Alice's brother.

"He comes in with so many ideas and so much energy," Enos said. "And I love having a sibling on the show because you relate to your family differently, there's just a quippiness between us, it's really fun."

Most are hoping that this second season is a big success as both Enos and Hayden promised a big set up for season three at the end of this season.

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