Sandy Kenyon movie review: 'Strange Magic'

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Sandy Kenyon has the review (WABC)

Given this fairy tale comes from the mind of famed filmmaker George Lucas, one of the best storytellers in the history of the movies, I was expecting more.

The movie is called "Strange Magic" and the title is appropriate in the sense that the film is truly odd -- so unusual that it's be hard to guess who'll be more baffled by it, kids or their parents.

It's always karaoke night in this world divided between dark and light. Marianne is a feisty but tiny fairy princess set to be married to a handsome prince, but he's described as "the anti-Prince Charming."

They don't seem well-matched. Her younger sister, Dawn, has a friend who wants to be something more to her than just a pal. Sunny, brought to life by Elijah Kelley, is in a bid to impress his fair maiden, so he goes over to the dark side -- The Dark Forest, to be exact.

He is in search of a love potion made by the Sugar Plum Fairy who's kept captive by Alan Cummings' Bog King. This guy isn't as bad as he first appears though he does kidnap Dawn at one point.

Still, the life lesson here is that being different is more than OK, it's actually preferable and that finding true love has nothing to do with how you look.

Now that's a fairy tale!
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