ABC News' Rebecca Jarvis is limitless while hosting new podcast series

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Sandy Kenyon has the story.

Podcasts are just a dozen years old, but they're now part of the mainstream and poised to enter a golden age.

Starting Friday in Brooklyn, "Podfest 2017" will feature a live taping of the city's most popular podcasts, commentaries and conversations that were originally delivered to an iPod. The term itself didn't exist until 2004, but they are now the medium of choice for many.

One of the best is hosted by ABC News' chief business and technology correspondent Rebecca Jarvis, called "No Limits with Rebecca Jarvis." She is one of the new breed of broadcast journalists who is equally at home online and on TV.

"A lot of people are telling me they're listening while they're working out," Jarvis said. "A lot of people are telling me they're listening on their way to work. A lot of people say if they go out for a walk, they'll turn on the podcast."

The best podcast are conversations, so guests like Anna Chulmsky from the HBO series "Veep" feel like they're talking to a friend.

"You can breathe a little more and you can kind of relax, and I think you probably get more out of people that way," Chulmsky said.

These days, just being on network TV is not enough.

"The key is to be willing to experiment and to play around with the craft and figure out new ways of storytelling and new mediums for it," Jarvis said. "But at the same time, you have to adhere to those same principles, the foundation principles of getting the story right."

Each new medium has its own challenges, and nothing is set in stone.

"I'm just very excited by this moment in time, because I think that people who have real ideas and different and unique ideas, there's just this vast world of opportunity to test them," Jarvis said.

A new episode of "No Limits with Rebecca Jarvis" is released every Tuesday. The new one is a conversation with the singer Jewel, and next week, Jarvis talks to Kate Hudson. Plans for after that? Perhaps a CEO or a trendsetter.

CLICK HERE to listen to "No Limits with Rebecca Jarvis"
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