Makeup artist for celebrities reveals must-know shortcuts for the perfect look

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Kemberlly Richardson has first-hand tips from a makeup artist for celebrities. (Photo/Kemberly Richardson)

A highly-respected New York City makeup artist who works with celebrities is opening up about secrets any woman can use when it comes to getting the perfect look.

Sir John -- whose clients include Beyonce, Kim K and Serena Williams - offered what he called "shortcuts" to step up your makeup game.

Check them out below:

1. Convertible Pieces

Sir John suggests getting products that serve multiple purposes. For instance, use blush as lip color.

2.Perfect Cat Eye

To get the cat eye you want, Sir John said you should put a dot on the outer corner of the eye just under the brow. Then, start at inner corner and follow lash line and connect with dot.

3. 3D Lips

For 3D lips, Sir John said you should first line your lips. Then, use a lip palette that offers several shades of color. Use a darker shade on the outer space. On the inner area, use a light shade.

Here's video showing Sir John at work:
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