New companies bring do-it-yourself beauty products into your home

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You can get your pizza, groceries and dry cleaning delivered right to your front door, and now, you can even skip going to the makeup counter.

There are now services that will deliver everything you need to make your own beauty products at home, and the subscription services are for those who enjoy do-it-yourself projects but also want to know where your products come from, especially if you're putting those products on your skin.

Eyewitness News stopped by as Tina Hedges whipped up something delicious, not to be eaten, but applied.

It was made of raw cocoa, which is actually good for your skin. And it's just one of the items you may receive when you subscribe to LOLI Beauty. Eery month, a box packed with everything you need to make up to four items shows up, and you blend them yourself.

"People are wanting to experience do-it-yourself," Hedges said. "They're wanting to go to the salad bar and say, 'I want those ingredients in my salad.' The same thing in personal care."

Tina spent two decades in the beauty industry, but she's tossed out many of the products she's helped create and opts now to make her own. That way, she knows where all the ingredients come from and makes sure that the recipes she shares are safe.

"Anyone can go to the internet and look up a recipe, and that leaves a lot of room for big mistakes and dangerous concoctions," she said.

LOLI, which stands for "living organic loving ingredients," is based in New York City. Another subscription service, called Handmade Beauty Box, is focused more on make up. Again, all the ingredients needed come your way, as well as the recipes, in one neat box.

And while women have been making their own beauty products for centuries, these companies are helping to modernize the experience and they let you get your hands dirty in the best way possible.

"We really want this to be like you're going into your grandmother's kitchen, and she's making beauty with you," Hedges said.

Handmade Beauty Box runs about $29 a month, while LOLI goes for about $36. Both were started by women, and both have charitable components.
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