Spring-time smoothies: Healthy concoctions in your kitchen

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Abdi Abujebel of Harlem's Oasis Jimma Juice Bar joined us. (WABC)

Spring cleaning can apply to your lifestyle, right down to your diet.

And you can spruce up your immune system in your own kitchen.

Harlem's Oasis Jimma Juice Bar is bringing healthy options to Harlem with fresh and creative concoctions.

Founder Abdi Abujebel is an Ethiopian refugee who runs the juice bar on 125th & Broadway.

He takes a holistic approach to living healthy and fashions each drink into a vibrant immune-boosting beverage.

Abdi joins us on Eyewitness News Sunday Morning.

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Smoothie Menu:

1. Times Square
Avocado, kale, mango, pineapple, almond butter, coconut milk.
This thick smoothie serves as a healthy meal replacement, especially for busy mornings. This smoothie is well-balanced, offering healthy fat from avocado, protein from the almond butter, as well as vitamins from fruits and the leafy green.

2. Cold filter

Ginger, lemon, orange, honey & black seed oil.
This juice, served hot or cold, is a natural remedy for fighting cold symptoms. The citrus and ginger clears up sinuses and naturally soothes ailing senses.

3. Diabetic
Cabbage, Parsley, Green beans, celery, cinnamon, Cucumbers.
This concoction helps individuals manage their blood sugar naturally with key fruits and vegetables.
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