Botox and other treatments to help people who sweat too much

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Lauren Glassberg reports

"Never let them see you sweat" is easier said than done, especially in the summer.

For some people, severe sweating is a year-long struggle.

Plenty of people just sweat too much, not while they're exercising, but just going about their day to day life.

If that sounds like you, take note. There are a variety of sweat solutions.

"I think I generally run hot. I'm always constantly hot," said Jeff Silverstein, a patient.

As a result, Silverstein finds himself sweating a lot. Sweat is caused by the environment and emotional stimuli, but too much sweating can negatively impact a person's life according to Mount Sinai dermatologist Dr. Josh Zeichner.

"Not only does it socially cause issues because of the appearance of the wetness, but people can feel self-conscious, they can feel depressed, it can interfere with interpersonal relationships," Dr. Ziechner said.

So in many cases Dr. Zeichner will use Botox, it stops the nerve from triggering the sweat glands to sweat.

"This time we're actually going to give you a higher dose," Dr. Zeichner said.

About 50 injections under each arm will keep Silverstein dry for about six months.

It can also be used for overly sweaty feet and palms.

"It's a complete game changer," Silverstein said.

You might not need Botox though.

Clinical strength antiperspirant may do the trick.

Its active ingredient, a kind of aluminum salt, is the same as in regular strength antiperspirant, but at a higher percentage.

"Now almost every brand has what they call a clinical strength antiperspirant. These really work best applied at night," Dr. Zeichner said.

That's when our body's sweat level is lower. The antiperspirant creates a plug that blocks the sweat gland. Dry Sol is a prescription version.

"It is quite effective. I tell patients to start using it every other night and see how they tolerate it," Dr. Zeichner said.

There are also anti antiperspirant wipes.

"If I get sweaty on my brow I can dab here or even here," Eyewitness News said.

But remember, sweat is actually a good thing.

"We need to sweat to maintain our body temperature. I do not recommend people covering their entire body with antiperspirants, even if there are more cosmetically elegant formulations that let them do that," Dr. Zeichner said.

There is also oral medication and a laser that can work to control sweat. You can consult your dermatologist about those options.

Finally remember, whatever antiperspirant you use, you'll need deodorant to mask the smell of sweat.

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