Memorial Sloan Kettering holds prom for pediatric cancer patients

<div class="meta image-caption"><div class="origin-logo origin-image "><span></span></div><span class="caption-text">Sloan Kettering held a prom for patients in their pediatric unit.</span></div>

A group of kids got dressed to the nines Thursday for a very special prom. It was held at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, giving kids battling devastating diseases a chance to let loose and have some fun.

Check out the bow on the back of London Dally's new dress. She and the other kids and teenagers at the cancer center are getting ready for the prom.

The first stop: Promindale's, for makeup, dresses and accessories.

"I'm gonna be very happy cuz this is gonna be my 2nd prom," said 7-year old Olivia Lafond.

The annual prom extravaganza is for current and former patients.

"I was diagnosed with oseteoscarmoa, it's a bone cancer, when I was 11," said 15-year old Grace Franzese.

And 17-year old Shruti Gupta has leukemia and will miss her own prom.

"This will make up for it in some way or the other. Music and dance and food, I think it'll be nice," said Shruti.

The bittersweet celebration is open to friends and family.

Oliver Taylor's big brother, 5-year old Max, is battling neuroblastoma.

"We're hoping this will be his lucky ticket here," said Max's father Jason.

"These children are going through rough treatments. As you can see some of them lose their hair, some of them have amputations, but today none of that is seen. They're radiant, there are smiles," said Dr. Farid Boulad, Medical Director of the Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Pediatric Day Hospital.

And sometimes just having fun and feeling beautiful can be more therapeutic than any medication we have to offer, not just for the kids but also for their families.

"Even on the worst day we just kept smiling you know," said London's father, Ben Dally.

"The parents love it as much as the kids do. They get to come pick out the dresses, the makeup, fancy gloves, it just makes them feel like they're not sick," said Olivia's mother, Jennifer Lafond.

And when all the fun is over? "I'm gonna go home and take a nap again," said Olivia.

There's nothing like a post-prom snooze.

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