New treatment for acne that works for good, for every complexion

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Michelle Charlesworth has the story of a promising new treatment for acne.

There is a new treatment for acne and acne scars that is permanent, less expensive, and works on all skin colors.

Before and after pictures tell the story. Acne and scars are diminished after 4 Fractora treatments, using radio frequency to stop acne and start 'healing' scars at the same time.

"Nothing worked better than this, no creams, nothing," said patient Filip Andreev, who said he had been spending in the hundreds.

Filip is in college and had Fractora treatments two years ago.

"I would look in the mirror and just see my pimples, now I don't even think about it," he said.

What is different about this is that it uses radio frequency to treat acne and scars under the skin, on light to even very dark complected patients, and it seems to be working.

"This is a fantastic way to treat scars, pores and acne," said Fractora researcher Dr. Judith Hellman.

Dr. Hellman has researched acne treatments, and has published her results using Fractora.

She says it shuts down oil glands while also stimulating collagen, which is what helps existing scars.

"These little pins are able to get the frequency to the blood vessels and glands so there is nothing to facilitate the acne and the acne is gone," she said.

Before treatment, the skin is numbed and the Fractora co2 laser is touched onto the skin.

Silicone-covered pins inside the wand keep dark skin from becoming discolored, which can happen with other treatments.

Filip calls the difference life-changing. What's the reaction from family and friends?

"They can't recognize me," he said. His only regret is that he didn't do it earlier.

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