Incredible video shows footage after GoPro falls off skydiver

A GoPro camera captured amazing footage as it was detached from its owner during a skydiving session. (Kristoffer Orstadius/Jukin Media/YouTube)

Here's some skydiving footage you have to see to believe.

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YouTube user Kristoffer Orstadius uploaded the following video footage that his father found in a GoPro outside Kristianstad, Sweden. The GoPro, initially attached to the helmet of one skydiver, shows the group jumping out of a plane towards the crowd below.

At the 1:31 mark in the video, one skydiver can be seen making contact with the diver wearing the GoPro. This causes the camera to then free-fall on its own, capturing a quick, entrancing image as it spins from 3000 meters above the ground.

The GoPro falls for just over a minute-and-a-half, until it lands on the ground at the 3:04 mark. Amazingly, the memory card was still intact for the footage to be uploaded. According to the video's description, Tobias Persson, a parachutist, was found to be the GoPro's owner.

You can see the incredible footage in the video above.

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